Interview with Scott J. Robinson

03 Jan

A while ago now I read The Space Between and loved it; you can find my review here. Now the second book in The Tribes of Hakahei series has recently been released by Scott J Robinson so I thought it was a perfect time for an interview.

First things first then; who are your favourite authors?

I read a diverse range of books (when I have time– for me, reading and writing use the same head space) but my favourite authors are KJ Parker, Dave Duncan and Richard Morgan. Parker and Morgan are known for their gritty, take-no-prisoners style while Duncan (who isn’t read or recognized enough) has a much lighter tone.

I guess I strive for that touch of humor– humor that comes from intelligent, funny characters, not stupid characters or stupid situations, hopefully. I think Parker has a way with words I would love to be able to emulate as well. Like all writers though, I think I draw inspiration from every book I read, even if I don’t know it.

How did you get into writing?

My writing background is probably the same as every other writer out there– especially those who write speculative fiction of some kind. I’ve read fantasy and science fiction for as long as I can remember and have been writing it for about the same length of time. I never really went for short stories so lying around somewhere (probably in a rubbish tip) are a lot of old 5 1/4 inc floppy disks with dozens of first chapters. They were only first chapters because I generally stopped writing each one when I got a better idea. It might be interesting if I could find those disks and then find a Commodore 64 to run them.

That didn’t really change until I was 20 years old when I was broke and living in a caravan park. I decided I was going to start writing and not stop until I finished. 19 days later, I finished. It took a couple of more years for those 35 thousand hand written words to resemble even a half decent novel, but I had proven I could do it.

So, I haven’t had any formal training, not even one of those dodgy correspondence courses. I did go to Envision twice. That’s a five-day workshop (no longer running unfortunately) that lets would be authors have feedback and input from published authors about a work in progress. My only training has come through about 30 years of writing. I may be getting close to finishing my apprenticeship.

Where did the inspiration for The Tribe of Hakahei books come from?

Tribes of the Hakahei originally started off as a fairly standard quest fantasy novel with people from 6 races (or it might have been 8) coming together to fulfill a prophecy. There was another group of 6 characters who thought they were the “chosen ones” and… It was really only standard in a very complicated, going-to-take-10-books type way. Needless to say, it ended up being one of Commodore 64 stories that went nowhere. But years later I was working on an idea to involve a lot of myths and legends from Earth into a sci-fi novel (I thought it would be fun linking things like Robin Hood, Area 51 and Easter Island). I’m not quite sure how, but that merged with that original idea and I ended up with Tribes of the Hakahei. (I talk about this in an article at )

A little about the book…

In Singing Other Worlds Kim has made it into space but that is really just the start of the battle. She and the other crew members of the recently discovered Hakahei starship need help. They set about finding recruits while, at the same time, helping the USA make use of the ships hidden on the world of Nexis.

But Kim and her companions don’t really know what they’re doing and create their own emergencies along the way. And the hurgon and the multeese are out there and aren’t going to make things easy either. In fact, Kim is wondering if anything will ever be easy again.
Singing Other Worlds, Book 2 of The Tribes of Hakahei series, can be downloaded from Scott’s website here:

Thanks to Scott for taking the time to do this for StuffWhatIWrote.


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  1. Jacco

    January 5, 2012 at 6:20 am

  2. Scott J. Robinson

    January 10, 2012 at 8:50 am

    I’m running a competition over on my blog. Chance to win books 2 and 3 9of 4) for free. Check it out.


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