Looking for your own sci-fi adventure?

18 Apr

Go to Mars!!

Mars One is a not-for-profit organization that will take humanity to Mars in 2023, to establish the foundation of a permanent settlement. Before the first crew lands, Mars One will have established a habitable, sustainable settlement designed to receive astronauts every two years.
So it’s a one way ticket to Mars. That still sounds like an amazing adventure to me.

Book: Mars Trilogy, Kim Stanley Robinson

Go Planet Hunting!!

Planet Hunters is a collaboration between Yale University and the Zooniverse, home to the internet’s largest, most popular and most successful citizen science projects. They use lightcurves from the publicly released data obtained by NASA’s Kepler mission to identify the change in a Star’s light as a planet passes in front of it.
Think of that. You are helping to discover new planets within our galaxy (possibly harbouring life) with little training. They help you through the whole process so go and give it a go. Over 700 discovered so far!

Book: The Wanderer, Fritz Lieber

Go on a Space Flight!!

Virgin Galactic have been committed to sending up space tourists for the last 20 years and have been selling the tickets since 1995. Over 500 people have booked themselves on the first flights and you can snap one up for the bargain cost of only $200,000 (it’s a $20,000 deposit).
The flight comes along with the usual Virgin exclusivity such as being called an “astronaut”, forums with Sir Richard, touring the workshops and being invited to media events.
The aim is to get the first flights going in 2013 but that is reliant on all the tests going well…

Book: Destination Space: How Space Tourism Is Making Science Fiction a Reality, Kenny Kemp

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