Thieves at Heart by Tristan J. Tarwater

Some people are just named to write books aren’t they. What else was Isaac Asimov going to do, or J.R.R. Tolkien? It was as inevitable as a girl called Crystal Chandelier becoming a….dancer (ahem).

So when I reviewed the book from a writer called Tristan J. Tarwater I was expecting great things and for the most part I wasn’t disappointed.

We follow Tavera, a half-elf, as she is kidnapped from her prostitute ma by Derk, a member of the secretive group of thieves calling themselves The Cup of Cream, and trained to be an elite thief. The book focuses on Tavera as she grows up surrounded by these scoundrels and assorted others and guided by Derk.

It’s basically a coming of age story as there is no continuous plot other than Tavera getting older so I surprised by the fact I enjoyed this book. It focuses on a young girl and some of the more feminine problems that girls suffer through adolescence and not a book I would usually read but it is well written, well paced with a superbly described world to inhabit.

I’ve mentioned this in another review but if these fantasy worlds are going to feel real, they must be well thought out and include those little details that transport you into the story. Thieves at Heart has that in spades; the characters have their own slang language based on their religion, which itself has its own stories that run throughout.

I’ve spoken to them about this but I’d put this book in the young adult range, not necessarily strictly for girls but probably aimed more towards them. The story is not so intricate as to lose them and it’s just edgy enough to keep them interested. I would say that parents read it first just in case though.

A surprising joy, a strong 3/5 from me.


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